GRP Crystic Flat Roofing

crystic roof sample imageCrysticROOF lasts far longer than other traditional roof materials and can be formed into any shape, no matter how complex, including walkways, balconies, roof-lights.

CrysticROOF is completely watertight, and there are no joints or seams to weld. The resins in the CrysticROOF system form a powerful bond with the glass mat to produce a solid laminate, which completely encapsulates the roof area.

CrysticROOF is available in a range of colours and there is a high performance, non-slip option for walkways.

CrysticROOF is an innovative, cold-applied system. Unlike bitumen-type membranes, there is no need for heat or naked flames. This makes CrysticROOF much safer for the contractor and for members of the public who may be in the vicinity.

Many project managers are now banning hot works from public buildings because of health and safety risks. Cold-applied CrysticROOF is not burdened by the expensive insurance premiums which are increasingly being applied to projects involving hot works.

A short video on the Crystic roofing system and their history of the product